Summer walks are scheduled in the evenings from May to August. All walks are on Mondays and start at the meet location at 7:00pm sharp.

Please wear appropriate clothing and footwear and be prepared for biting insects.

Not as advertised! Some destinations may change if preliminary site visits determine
that a site lacks sufficient interesting items. In such cases, the meeting location will
remain unchanged but the trip destination will be altered to a nearby location.

Please contact us for more information.

2017 Walk Schedule

May 15 – Shanahan Tract
Meet at Campbellville Parking – Leader: Dawn Renfrew

May 22 – Sixteen Valley Creek
Meet at Upper Middle Trail – Leader: Bill McIlveen

May 29 – Scotch Block – Warblers
Meet at Hwy 401 at Hwy 25 – Leader: Fiona Reid

June 5 – Acton Swift Watch
Meet at Acton Prospect Park – Leader: Emily Dobson

June 12 – Scotsdale – Bird Box
Meet at Scotsdale Farm – Leader: Bill McIlveen

June 19 – Riverview Park, Streetsville
Meet at PineCliff Park – Leader: Bill McIlveen

June 26 – Forks-of-the-Credit Park
Meet at Forks-of-the-Credit Park – Leader: Don Scallen

July 3 – Credit River, Streetsville
Meet at River Grove Community Centre – Leader: Bill McIlveen

July 10 – Hardy & Crozier Tracts
Meet at Hwy 401 at Hwy 25 – Leader: Ray Blower

July 17 – Marco Muzzo Memorial Park
Meet at Marco Muzzo Park – Leader: Bill McIlveen

July 24 – Conely Tract
Meet at Campbellville Parking – Leader: Bill McIlveen

July 31 – Hungry Hollow, Georgetown
Meet at Hungry Hollow – Leader: Bill McIlveen

August 7 – Swift Night Out
Meet at Oakville – Leader: Emily Dobson

August 14 – Speyside Area
Meet at Hwy 401 at Hwy 25 – Leader: Fiona Reid

August 21 – Rattray Marsh
Meet at Green Glade School – Leader: Kirsten Burling

Meeting Locations

In larger parking lots, we will try to meet at places nearest the entrance.

Acton Prospect Park
Prospect Park at Knox St. and Park Ave.
followed by check for Chimney Swifts in Town

Campbellville Parking
Commuter parking lot at southwest corner of Hwy 401 and Guelph Line
Enter off Reid Sideroad

Parking lot off McLaren Drive, south of Charleston Sideroad
Entrance fee in effect

Green Glade School
1550 Green Glade Drive, Clarkson
East off Meadow Wood Road, south of Lakeshore Road

Hungry Hollow
East end of Foxtail Ct. east of 8th Line, Georgetown

Hwy 401 at Hwy 25, Milton
Commuter parking lot at southeast corner of Hwy 401 and Hwy 25

Marco Muzzo Park, Mississauga
Parking lot north of intersection Perennial Dr. at Flagstone Dr.

Old high school (closed) east of Reynolds Street
between Sheddon Ave. and old Oakville hospital

PineCliff Park, Mississauga
Parking lot near Creditview Road and Credit River

River Grove Community Centre
North side parking lot at River Grove Centre, Streetsville

Scotsdale Farm
Parking lot at Scotsdale Farm, east side Trafalgar Road,
north of Sideroad 27, Silver Creek

Upper Middle Trail, Oakville
Parking area off Old Upper Middle Rd. and McCraney St. West
East bank of Sixteen Mile Trail

For more information, call Bill McIlveen (519) 853-3948