The 2022 Christmas Bird Count (CBC) will be held on Saturday, December 17th. This is our 60th count as an official Audubon CBC circle. Our count code is ONPH. Past counts can be viewed on the Aububon website. The official count circle is 15 miles in diameter centred on Upper Middle Road midway between 8th and 9th Lines in Oakville.

Counts are done throughout North America plus a few foreign locations during a three-week period around Christmas each year. The results document changing bird populations and, by covering our area consistently each year, we can make comparisons over time.

You do not have to be an expert or even intermediate level birder to participate.

Each leader has an area to work, and each have their own meeting places. Contact any area leader or the overall count coordinator (Mark Cranford, or 647-886-7203) to find out how you can help. Leaders of each area are as follows:

Area 1

Bronte, west of Third Line

Ken Musgrave
Area 2

Kerr St. west to Third Line

Donna Sheppard
Area 3

Kerr St. east to Morrison Rd.

Sheldon McGregor
Area 4

Winston Churchill Blvd. west to Morrison Rd.

Jim Watt
Area 5

Winston Churchill Blvd. east to Clarkson Rd.

Andy Morgan
Area 6

Clarkson Rd. east to Credit Valley

Mark Cranford

The day usually begins at 8:00 a.m. and ends around dusk (4:30 to 5:00 p.m.). Remember to wear warm clothes and have suitable footwear. If you have a scope, bring it along to help with counting waterfowl along the lakeshore. We are once more emphasizing the need for documentation of rare sightings. Area leaders will be supplied with reporting forms for any rare or unusual sightings that you may have. Photographs are a good way to document rarities so bring along a camera if you have one. For field observers, the easiest way to submit your observations is by sharing your eBird checklists with cbc-onph but Mark will accept checklists, count totals, and data any way it arrives.

If you cannot join a route, we are also looking for counts of birds seen at bird feeders in the count circle. Any feeder – you don’t have to be a SPNC member. If your neighbour has a feeder, ask them to count on December 17. We are looking for the highest count for each species at your feeder at any one time over the day. Phone your results into Mark Cranford at 647-886-7203 or email

We are looking for a new place to gather after the count.

Over the past few years, participation in the Christmas Bird Count has slowly increased, but I would like to encourage more members to come out and join the count as we have a lot of ground to cover and plenty of opportunity to make exciting finds. Please come out and enjoy the day with us.