Volunteer Financial Reviewer Needed

We are looking for a volunteer to conduct the annual review of SPNC’s financial records on behalf of its members. The volunteer does not need to be an accountant or a bookkeeper, but some knowledge of financial statements would be helpful. The review can be done in approximately six to eight hours and will verify that the Club’s financial records detail the following:

  • membership dues are recorded and accurately reflected on the membership roster
  • income and expenses are recorded and verified with bank statements
  • donations from members are recorded and tax receipts issued

When finished, the reviewer will submit a short written statement confirming that the financial records of the Club are accurate. That statement will be presented at the Annual General Meeting in September.

If you are interested in volunteering for this, please either call (905) 465-3892 or email Joyce LeChasseur, Treasurer, at lechasseurjo@gmail.com.

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