Volunteer for Halton Bluebird Club

We are looking for a volunteer to help monitor 34 nest boxes on the east side (campground side) of Bronte Creek Provincial Park. The position requires field work of approximately 3 to 4 hours and report preparation time of about 1 hour once every 3 weeks. The nest boxes are set in the areas that are accessible by foot or bike only so there is a bit of walking involved. The considerable benefits of this “job” are that you get to see Bluebirds in every stage of their lives!
To monitor, you will need the right tools (i.e. screw driver, putty knife or spatula, clipboard and pen or pencil), which are not supplied by the Club. Also, you should be dressed to go off the groomed trails into the tall grass (i.e. pants tucked into socks, long sleeved shirts and bug spray to protect against ticks which are present in the park).
An experienced monitor will accompany you around the trail for a number of monitoring sessions until they feel you are ready to go on your own. If you are interested in helping please contact Joyce LeChasseur by phone at 905-465-3892 or by email at haltonbluebirds@gmail.com.

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