Volunteer needed

The Great Canadian Birdathon, formerly known as the Baillie Birdathon, raises funds for bird conservation across Canada. Funds raised are administered by Bird Studies Canada, the leading science-based bird conservation organization in Canada. A portion of funds raised by local birders is returned to their local club to support local projects and initiatives. In the past, SPNC has used these funds to support Trumpeter Swan reintroduction and Chimney Swift nesting habitat.

During one day in May, three SPNC members, Donna Sheppard, Mark Cranford, and James Watt, start birding in the wee small hours of the morning and don’t stop until darkness falls. Obtaining pledges from family and friends, and, most importantly, fellow SPNC members, provides the incentive and their love of birds keeps them going.

SPNC needs a volunteer to coordinate this major fund raising project. With the birdathon in May, the project runs March to May and the tasks are:

    • announcement in the March and May Newsletters — standard text template in place
    • host a table at the March and April meetings to receive pledges — Fun and easy interacting with club members
    • submit pledges and a report to Bird Studies Canada
    • report results of Birdathon in August’s Newsletter — standard text template in place

Please contact Audrey Oswald at mail@spnc.ca for more information on this project.

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